Music + Performance

Music + Performance

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Published Recordings

2006 Salon Pod Soundscapes
2001 Bad Ju Ju, Jenn Karson, full length CD
1998 Zola Turn, Zola Turn, 7” record, three-song EP
1997 Cousin Battie, Zola Turn, full-length CD
1996 Side Saddle, Zola Turn, three-song EP

Invited Music Compilations

Monday’s at 10pm, Sean Altrui, Burlington, VT

NEMO Conference Compilation, NEMO Music Conference, Boston, MA c.

Pop Pie, Big Heavy World, Burlington, VT Big Heavy World
Sonic Tonic Tonic Two: Core Breach Burlington
Good Citizen Soundtrack to the Zine Vol. III

Selected Performances and Events


Suffragette Sessions. Zola Turn was the opening act for the first stop on the tour in Portland, ME. Participants included Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls Gail Ann Dorsey, Lisa Germano, Lourdes Pérez, Kate Schellenbach, Jane Siberry, Jean Smith, Josephine Wiggs and Thalia Zedek. August 19, 1998 State Theater, Portland, ME. NEMO Music Conference, Boston, MA. Burlington Music Conference, Burlington City Arts.

99.9 The Buzz Ball ’97 w/Catherine Wheel, Goldfinger, Ben Harper, Blink 182, G. Love & Special Sauce, December 1.
Big Heavy World Groove Apocalypse
1997, Burlington, VT, Club Toast, July 12. Big Heavy World PermaBash, Club Toast, February 7. Big Heavy World Pop Pie CD Release, Club Toast December 5.

Big Heavy World Benefit Bash, Club Toast, November 1.

Selected Performance Venues

1996 – 2004
Maine: Stone Coast Brewery, Portalnd; State Theater, Portland. Mass: TT the Bear’s Place, Cambridge; Kirkland Café, Somerville; Smithwick’s, Lowell; Giles Café, Salem.

NY + NH: The Continental, NYC; THUMS, Concord.

Vermont: Club Toast, Burlington; Red Square, Burlington; Half Lounge, Burlington; Contois Auditorium, Burlington; Club Metronome, Burlington; Last Elm Café, Burlington; Middlebury College; University of Vermont; St. Michael’s College; Battery Park, Burlington; Gallaghers, Waitsfield; Memorial Auditorium, Burlington; 242 Main, Burlington.


Jenn Karson is an artist who works with concepts of mapping—the organization of space—and scoring—the organization of time. Her artworks take the form of intermedia, sculpture, soundworks, programming and installation. Her work has been exhibited and presented in the United States, Canada and Europe. Additionally, she is a curator of exhibitions and develops programs and curriculum that cross the disciplines of the arts, technology, fashion and architecture. She oversees the University of Vermont (UVM) FabLab, a digital fabrication lab, in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. She is on the faculty of the UVM Department of Art and Art History.

Karson founded and leads the Art and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Research Group also at UVM. In 2011 she co-founded the Burlington, VT collective Vermont Makers and she’s released two full-length albums and three EPs of original music; In the 1990s she spent her early career touring as the lead singer and songwriter for Burlington’s legendary all-female rock band, Zola Turn.

Karson received her M.F.A. in Design + Technology from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2009.

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Intermedia + Technology Programs

Intermedia + Technology Programs


Jenn Karson and Paula Higa were named Coor Collaborative Fellows . The goal of the Coor Collaborative Fellowships is to promote collegiality, collaboration, and multi-disciplinary scholarship, research, and creative activity. Each semester, the Humanities Center will support the formation of one multi-disciplinary cohort of up to five UVM faculty members to examine issues of pressing concern in the humanities and fine arts.


Casey Reas: Iterating Substance

Robert Hull Fleming Museum, Spring 2021 (postponed due to COVID 19)
Curated by Andrea Rosen and Jenn Karson

Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley (1865-1931), of Jericho, Vermont, pioneered the use of photomicrographs to rapidly capture the crystalline structures of snowflakes before they melted. Casey Reas (born 1972) develops his own software to create generative artworks in video, sound, installation, and other media. His accomplishments include the open-source coding language Processing, now used by thousands of artists, teachers, and students. Both artists invented technologies that aided in the creation of their art and generated new knowledge to be shared with and used by the public. Both explore geometric iteration, from the crystallization of ice to the programming of the behavior of visual components in digital videos. The Fleming Museum’s Fall 2020 exhibitions will put these two artists, working a century apart, in dialogue, exploring the intersections of art, science, and technology.

2020 Vision: Seeing Art Through Technology is a statewide exhibition and program of the Vermont Curators Group.


Quantum Complications

Directed by Paula Higa

Friday & Saturday, November 8 & 9, 2019
University of Vermont

The light is the beginning of quantum. The smallest particles of energy travel through empty spaces.
The lines confine the spaces. Pulsating energy collides and shapes the unknown.
The paper is the macro lenses of quantum complications.

Working in the new UVM STEM Complex, this site-specific performance intends to bring art and science together. Influenced by the work of Debra Weisberg, Tape Drawings, faculty Paula Higa and students examine quantum physics, the vast space between areas, and atomic turbulences.

Leonardo Art Science Rendezvous (LASER)

Wednesday, April 10 – 5:30 PM
Fleming Museum auditorium
Program Curator: Jenn Karson

With a focus on the artistic and scholarly collaboration that resulted in the spring 2018 production of Euripides’ play Helen, these three charismatic Vermonters will discuss their areas of research and practice, providing a glimpse into their distinct creative processes. Fleming curator Andrea Rosen will facilitate the conversation with the speakers and audience. A reception with light refreshments will follow.

John C. Franklin, Musician, Professor and Chair, UVM Department Of Classics
Glynnis Fawkes, Artist, Cartoonist, and Archaeological Illustrator
Creston Lea, Electric Instrument-Maker and Writer

Behind the Schemes: When Helen of Troy came to UVM

March 5 – May 10, 2019
Fleming Museum of Art, Media Niche
Curator:  Jenn Karson

In the spring of 2018, the UVM Classics Department produced the Greek tragedy Helen by classical Athenian playwright Euripides. Seven Days praised the effort, saying the production was “an unusually inventive rendition.” The play entailed extensive collaboration, involving UVM students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community artists and actors. The exhibition Behind the Schemes: When Helen of Troy came to UVM features visual artifacts from the production, documenting the interdisciplinary scholarship and artistry that made it both unique and noteworthy.

Vermont Makers
2011 – present (Most active years 2011 – 2014)

Jenn is a cofounder of Vermont Makers.