Sound Art in 2011

Wave Organ in San Francisco

“Sounding the Depths” is an informative survey of sound art in 2011 and the 50 years that led up to it. It’s important to note that Futurists were experimenting with sound art in the early 1900s, so sound art has at least 100 years behind it. Also, there is sound art that is much more challenging that the works described in the article- but that’s probably because the site hosting the article is about homes, so the article is talking to people who might want to buy sound art for their home. In any case, it is interesting written piece and it is great to see sound art getting more attention (because it is getting more attention).  My favorite work described in this article, one that you could not have in your home,  is the elegant Wave Organ in San Francisco. It’s exciting to see sound art getting attention in articles like this, hopefully this is a step forward in the public’s understanding of this niche art form.  If you are interested in sound art and contemporary art, read more here:

“Sounding the Depths”