Navigating the Bay

San Francisco Art institute Courtyard
December 2008

Score/drawing used in the projection of the installation Navigating the Bay

Navigating the Bay is a sound and projection installation that explores the complex systems of humans, animals and machines that rely and reside on the San Francisco Bay. A response to the  2007 Cosco Busan Oil Spill that was partly the fault of malfunctioning radar, the installation uses sound, projection, sensors, micro controllers and Max/MSP. The piece explores the progression of navigational technologies,  channeling current sounds of the bay through historic San Francisco fog horn patterns.


The piece is made up of four sound rhizomes that play when activated. The Score above describes the sound patterns in more detail.

Navigating the Bay Rhizome Mix 

Humans Rhizome


Animals Rhizome


Machines Rhizome


The Elements Rhizome


Money Rhizome