Current Projects: JuJuScope

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”
— Henry Miller


The JuJuScope is a device that discovers hidden worlds of sounds in everyday environments.

The JuJuScope provides access to new ways of exploring, knowing and mapping a place. Unlike most other sound devices that tune out the surrounding environment, the JuJuScope provides a unique opportunity to tune into environments; explorations with the JuJuScope activate what resonates and blurs boundaries between natural and unnatural occurrences.

The following workshop is available:

Track sonic footprints and create an experiential sound map of obscured ambient noise inspired by John Cage’s experiments with everyday sound. In part one of this two-part workshop, participants make a simple electronic listening device by repurposing the ubiquitous and inexpensive contact microphones (piezos) found in old cellphones, computers, and other devices. In part two, participants discover hidden sounds and contribute to the creation of a unique sound map of Burlington.

Read more about this workshop in press clippings from 2015

Under Development:


JuJuScope app

The JuJuScope mobile app builds off of the core functionality of jujuscope device. The app makes way for lighter and easier to use hardware, allows for personal accounts and profiles, records sound samples, provides sound editing features and geolocates sound samples onto a shared soundmap (JuJuScape). You may purchase the piezo hardware that accompanies this app or you may follow the instructions for creating your own.

Read more about the development of the app


JuJuScape is an online map where users of the JuJuScope app can share their found sounds with Creative Commons licensing. The juju community invites musicians and anyone one else who might find use for the unique and otherwise hidden sounds to use the jujuscape samples to create new soundworks and artworks