Cosmic Yellow Beach Ball

This is a story I had only shared with friends and family up to now. I’m revamping the blog for Studio Ju Ju and thought this would be a good story to share with y’all as we transition from 2019 to 2020. This story starts two years ago at about the same time of year.

In December of 2017 I had a simple dream. A yellow beach ball was balancing on the surface of shallow ocean shore waters. The waters were a pleasing aqua blue, and the ball touched delicately on the surface of the water where broken waves crisscrossed, ripples coming into the shore and ripples flowing back toward the sea.

As I observed this ball delicately balanced on the water, I was overcome by a sense of calm. Inspired, I made notes, drawings and researched how a ball might balance on the water in similar real-world conditions.

(dated 12/20/2017 – the night I had the dream)

I know the approximate date of this dream because I sketched and dated the sketch; in the following weeks I made a small sculpture. I was captivated by this dream and so I researched how shallow wave patterns might allow a ball to remain in the same spot while balancing on what appeared to be active moving water.

 (Dated 12/27/2018 – researching the dream the following week after I had the dream)

(Photo date December 31, 2017.) The ball in this sculpture has a hole it it because in the previous year I had made dozens of these gastrula-like sculptures , so it was convenient to use one to represent the ball in my dream. The original sculpture was white and I painted this one yellow.

On June 3, 2018 I was in Marshfield, Mass at a cottage on the ocean. ( I don’t live near the ocean, so find times by the ocean very special). We were attending a family wedding that afternoon. The wedding wasn’t until 4pm and there was plenty of time to enjoy the ocean in advance of the ceremony. Early in the morning I went for a run, later I went for a walk, and for the third time that day I went down to the beach with the intent to meditate. On this third trip I didn’t sit right away because I got caught up in collecting rocks. So many beautiful rocks! Time passed quickly I reminded myself that I really should take some time to just sit and enjoy the view at least. And so at last I emptied my hands of the rocks I’d collected into a pile on the sand, sat down next to the pile and looked out at the sea.

There on the shallow shore waters was a yellow ball, floating on the surface. At first I took in the view as one would any sight, but then realized That’s like the ball in my dream!

I stood up, ran closer to the shoreline and fumbled with my phone to take this first snippet of video:

Cosmic Yellow Beach Ball Video 1

Unlike my dream, the scene was evolving. The ball wasn’t paused but moving toward the shore. I started filming again and in this video you see the ball move from the water to the shoreline. The ball appears to be in a dance with shoreline winds.

Cosmic Yellow Beach Ball Video 2

When this video ends, the ball is a meter or two away from where I had originally been sitting when I first saw it on the water –  I could tell because the pile of rocks I left marked my original sitting place. From here I picked up the ball and brought it back to the cottage with me. It is currently in home with me in my studio.

Was the ball’s appearance in the real world just a coincidence? Was it cosmic? Was it a message from a loved one who has passed? Was my original dream a premonition of the real life event?   

I don’t know. 

(Summer 2018) The Cosmic Yellow Beach Ball now resides in my studio in Colchester, VT.

As an artist, what interests me most about these events is how something imaginary and of a dream manifested into a real world experience and tangible object. I don’t think I have any special psychic powers that made this happen, instead I think it points to the potential unknowns and mysteries of life on Earth. It also speaks to what we can see if we take the time to be quiet and closely observe our inner worlds and the world around us.