Interactive Design and Prototyping


CEMS 095/295 Special Topics
3 Credits
Spring Semester 2017
Thursdays 5-8 pm
Instructor: Jenn Karson

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On Campus Undergrad, CEMS 95: 15539
Online Undergrad, CEMS 95:15602
On Campus Graduate, CEMS 295: 15707
Online Graduate, CEMS 295: 15708

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This course opens up a world of innovation to students across disciplines. Within the span of a semester, students without previous engineering or programming knowledge will learn to build working interactive prototypes using sensors, light, sound and motion. In preparation for a final independent project, course teachings will include rapid prototyping, aesthetics, project management and presentation skills, the study of meaningful interaction between humans and machines, and profiles of prominent innovators from the humanities and sciences.

In hands-on labs students will learn how to build with the Arduino microcontroller, an electronics platform based on relatively easy-to-use hardware and software. The Arduino is a favorite tool of inventive designers, musicians, educators, artists, entrepreneurs, makers, architects, scientists and researchers. assignments will challenge students to apply their newly acquired technical skills to creative projects that solve problems, inspire curiosity and follow independent lines of inquiry.

For more information see details below. This course promises to be both challenging and fun – join us!

Massimo Banzi, founder of the Arduino micrcontroller speaks to how the tool is ideal for the novice:


Open to all UVM Majors and Continuing Education Students
20 Classroom Seats (Hills 20)
10 Online Seats
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