Innovation on the Waterfront

We’d like to take this moment to advocate for five projects submitted to Burlington City’s Public Investment Action Plan (PIAP).

Battery Park-Waterfront Park Pedestrian Connection (1) and Signs of the Times (4) are highlighted in this Seven Days Newspaper Article – Check it out!

All images by Ken Mills

1. Battery Park-Waterfront Park Pedestrian Connection: Using Manhattan’s High-Line as inspiration, we envision a new pedestrian ramp/stairway/walkway connecting Battery Park Extension at Pearl Street and at Cherry Street as well as the north end of Battery Park to the existing pedestrian rail crossing located at Waterfront Park’s midpoint, halfway between The Echo Science Center and the Coast Guard Station.

2. Eco-Boardwalk: This project envisions a circular above-ground boardwalk that transverses the wetland and natural preserve while protecting its integrity; Seating decks along the waterfront allow for relaxation, contemplation, or simple viewing of the dramatic Lake Champlain while protecting the shoreline from human activity. Signs along the trail inform (perhaps interactively via a smartapp) the visitor of the geological, ecological, historical, and cultural significance of the area.

3. Moran Vertical Park: Green roofs are often an intriguing but abstract conception, because rarely are the sites accessible by any of the public and most importantly, they cannot be seen from the ground level. Our proposal seeks to directly link a series of overlapping green roofs with the bike and walking paths, and to create a series of businesses, performance space, and workshop space located within the re-interpreted structure.

4. Signs of the Times: The entire Burlington waterfront is the site for a broad range of interests, ideas, history, business, and interpretation. Creating a smartphone / tablet application that delves into all of these, and allows for a series of links that allows anyone to explore in great depth any applicable topic related to the waterfront, can become a model for urban areas across the country.

5. The Electric Works: The reclamation of the post-industrial waterfront Moran facility, with its high ceilings, concrete floor, and conceptual ties to this new use, is ideal for maker activities. It gives makers of all stripe the physical space, the use of a common pool of expensive tools, the flexibility of terms and space, and the ability to make noise and spectacle without incurring neighbor complaint, all on a relatively low budget.