SparkFun comes to Champlain Maker Faire

SparkFun Electronics will be at Champlain Maker Faire

Thanks to SparkFun for helping us get the word out about Champlain Maker Faire! Like SparkFun, our sister studio Sesamedia New Media is a sponsor of the event.

In addition to their sponsorship, SparkFun will be at Champlain Maker Faire, giving demos and presentations right along with Vermont Makers and Lab B. Their generosity is something we’ve experienced here in VT before, when they visited just last spring and gave workshops.

Here’s a snippet from the recent SparkFun blog post:

“We’re all really big fans of Maker Faire at SparkFun – we have sponsored the Faires from very early on. The big Faires, New York and San Mateo are spectacles of the first order. The draw of the Faire is that you get to see things and meet people who have common interest and are working on projects that you might not otherwise see. The exposure to new technology and ideas is constant and inspiring. It’s also great to be part of a community, we are all familiar with the eye rolling family members who could care less about our totally autonomous freezer defroster with datalogging and Twitter feed. But the ability to revel in our absolute devotion to odd ideas with our community is really fun! This brings me to Vermont…”

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