Happy New Year!

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time.
There is always something to see, something to hear.
In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.”

– John Cage

Dear friends:

Happy New Year to You! Here are some highlights of the sounds we made and sounds
we heard at Studio Ju Ju in 2010. Thanks as always for your support!

1. Streaming Live Art from Burlington, Vermont to Paris, France

From the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, artist Matt Larson and I streamed colors and sounds from the Lake Champlain Waterfront through the Art Collider and over the Internet to an exhibition in Paris, France.  More-

Thank you Maurice Benayoun and Robin Gareus from CiTu Lab and Bridget Butler from ECHO.

2. Sound Mapping and Scoring at the Marin Country Day School

As part of a teaching residency I worked with art educators Melita Morales and Benny Shotwell with 5th and 7th graders. The art of the final exhibit centered on the concepts that maps navigate place (think points of interest on contour map) and scores document time (think consecutive notes on a musical score). Through the creation of unique symbol systems that communicate the essence of what each student heard, the completed student work exhibits both individual and shared experiences throughout the day of April 19, 2010.  More- (link to pdf)

Thank you to Melita, Benny and the MCDS art program.

3. Sounds of a Stone Home

This remote installation explored the comings and goings of the creatures, people and things who inhabit the stone quarries at Millstone Hill in Barre Town, Vermont.  It debuted in September as part of an exhibition of American and Japanese artists in the exhibition On the Planet.  More-

Essay: A behind the scenes account of “Sounds of a Stone Home”

Thank you to Janet Van Fleet and Sue Higby of Studio Place Arts.
Thanks also to Amy Cunningham and Brent Hallenbeck.

4. Scoring the Streets of New Orleans

For this installation I worked with a pre-Katrina field recording of the French Quarter in New Orleans. In 2010 I turned the recording into midi data and using this data created a new sound piece and a digital print.  More-

Special thanks to Maria Brodine, Margaret Tamulonis and Craig Campbell.

5. Sonic Ephemera

Significant progress was made in organizing the archives for the “pop” projects Zola Turn, Bad Ju Ju and Salon Pod. In 2011 the formal cataloging will begin.
Here’s a 1996 poster from a gig featuring Zola Turn and Wide Wail at the Last Elm Café

Wishing you the best in 2011! Please keep in touch.