Power and Ground: The Shifting Negotiations of Natures and Cultures

How we as individuals and cultures define what is natural is very much related to the core beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world we inhabit. What is “natural” is what we often perceive as what is right, just as what is “natural” is often what we perceive as not human or human impacted. This contradiction calls into question our daily routines and behaviors that impact the world we live in right now – are we behaving naturally?

POWER AND GROUND observes daily routines of the urban environment, and considers this environment a natural world. This natural world is made up of  interdependent systems of humans, money, machines, the elements, flora and fauna. It explores the shifting negotiations of natures and cultures in San Francisco in 2009.


  • Audible Observations, Ethnograpic Terminalia, San Francisco, California, 2012
  • Marin Country Day School, California, 2010
  • The Mission Arts & Performance Project, Rosie’s Cheeks Garage, San Francisco, 2009
  • Vernisage, Fort Mason, San Francisco, 2009

Power and Ground Scoring and Projects

View the full publication Power and Ground. Included in a collection of local zines of the San Francisco Public Library.

Sounds of Earth, Sea and Sky School workshop.