Sub Ambient Sound Lab

What is Sub Ambient Sound?

We coined the phrase sub ambient sound to express that these sounds are discovered through excavation. Through contact with solid objects in an environment, these excavations reveal sounds from below the surface of the ambient sound experience.

The piezo microphone reveals sub ambient sounds and offers new ways of knowing and mapping a place and the material world. These explorations of the sub ambient sounds became the Mapping Found Sounds workshop described below. The resulting explorations and devices are inspired by the work of John Cage and Nicholas Collins’ Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking.

Mapping Found Sounds Workshop

About the workshop

logo shows cityscape of burlington and sound wavesTrack sonic footprints and create an experiential sound map of obscured ambient noise inspired by John Cage’s experiments with everyday sound. In part one of this two-part workshop, participants make a simple electronic listening device by repurposing the ubiquitous and inexpensive contact microphones (piezos) found in old cellphones, computers, and other devices. In part two, participants discover hidden sounds and contribute to the creation of a unique sound map of Burlington.


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