Emergence 2020

Early Findings, UVM Art + Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Group

These works emerged from early research with the UVM Art + AI Research Group in 2020. We call them fluid architectures. A sonic quality is implied by their shifting multidimensional forms and viscous gestures over time. You are invited to join us as we imagine the acoustic score accompanying their spatial dance and their phonic quality as is expressed through the titles of each unique work.

krYshe not1R-us, 2020.

fre3Yung diptoch3é, 2020.

grooYa esK@po, 2020.

szeep@l s0yA sw33, 2020.

@Ki_, 2020.

eKoo sK0tch, 2020.

shanto0smun, 2020.

zumn3rf331D zedZ3d, 2020.

chesh2w b3ntu_, 2020.