Intergenerational Museum and School Programs

Facilitated by Jenn Karson and University of Vermont Students

Sub Ambient Sound Lab

High School students, college students and older

A listening program that includes DIY electronics and an introduction to Fluxus artists and artist mapping. Participants make microphones then use the microphones in the field, usually a college campus or museum neighborhood. A follow-up activity in the studio includes making sound maps and poems. Inspired by the work of John Cage and Yoko Ono.

Articles about this program:

Seven Days Newspaper

Burlington Free Press

Generative Art Performance

An interactive program that invites participants to engage with artificial intelligence and machine learning to create collaborative artworks.

All ages, currently designed for online programming. An in-person version is under development. We are seeking museum and school educator collaborators.

Here’s a clip from our program with the Vermont Studio Center in December 2020.

Sounds of the Earth, Sea and Sky

Studio and Field work.

A listening and 2D mapping program

Adaptable for 5th – 12th grade students.

Toy Hacking

Great for 10+, intergenerational groups, educators, librarians

Jenn and her students at UVM are experienced when it comes to introducing technologies to all ages at events, workshops and public programs….

Girl Scout Programs in the UVM FabLab
Jenn designed four STEAM programs and trained educators to teach the programs in the summer for 2014 thanks to a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation.

If you are interested in one of these programs please contact Jenn at We look forward to hearing from you!