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Sounds of a Stone Home | Barre VT | 2010

This place is both abandoned and found. Tall walls of cut stone are stacked in these woods. Trees grow from their cracks and wildlife dwells in their crevices. Nearby stone quarries are flooded with blue-green water. What was once the metal and wood track of the railroad is now a grassy path that meanders through the past and present.

SOUNDS OF A STONE HOME is a shimmer of sound that explores the comings and goings of the creatures, people and things who inhabit the stonequarries at Millstone Hill in Barre Town, Vermont. Artist: Jenn Karson,

On location at the stone quarries at Millstone Hill in Barre Town, Vermont.
As part of the group exhibition ON THE PLANETpresented by Studio Place Arts.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010: 5:00 – 6:30 pm
Sunday, September 5, 2010: 3:00 – 5:30 pm


Champlain Sound and Color | Paris, France | 2010

Champlain color stream as it appeared in Paris at La Bellevilloise as it was being broadcast from ECHO Lake and Science Aquarium in Burlington, VT.

In April 2010 CiTu labs of the University of Paris held the first synchronized international event for The Art Collider. In Vermont, sound artist Jenn Karson and photographer Matt Larson participated from ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Burlington, Vermont. They contributed live sound and video streams from the Burlington Waterfront using max/MSP programming.

The Art Collider is an online platform that supports a collaborative creation of media art through a system of Peer-to-Peer and Artist-to-Artist production.

Sites in the Paris, Montreal, San Francisco, New York & Linz participated in the event.

Champlain Color Stream

Champlain Sound Stream

The Art Collider

Artists: Jenn Karson, Matt Larson

Salon Pod
Salon Pod
Power and Ground San Francisco 2009

Power and Ground San Francisco 2009

Scoring the Streets of New Orleans | New Orleans | 2010
Scoring the Streets of New Orleans | New Orleans | 2010

Fragments of song float from street corners and weave throughout
the open-air bars and restaurants that line Bourbon Street. For the
passerby, pieces of numerous songs are threaded into one melody.
Time signature is determined by the walker’s gate, notes by the chance
encounters with the sound events of the place, points on a map.

On December 31st, 2004 I walked through the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street recording the experience described above. Music, the sounds of busy streets and celebrations all became part of the recording. Using midi conversion, I translated the original eldrecording into digital data. The data now works as a master score, open to diverse interpretations.

In 2010 I’ve worked with this score to create the sound piece Scoring the Streets of New Orleans and the image New Orleans City Soundscape.

Both pieces were created for the exhibition Ethnographic Terminalia 2010.

Ethnographic Terminalia 2010
DuMois Gallery, New Orleans
November 11 – December 3
Opening Reception: Friday, November 19
Image: New Orleans City Soundscape, 2010.

Navigating the Bay | San Francisco | 2008Navigating the Bay | San Francisco | 2008
Navigating the Bay | San Francisco | 2008

Navigating the Bay is a sound and projection installation that explores the complex systems of humans, animals and machines that rely and reside on the San Francisco Bay. A response to the  2007 Cosco Busan Oil Spill that was partly the fault of malfunctioning radar, the installation uses sound, projection, sensors, micro controllers and Max/MSP. The piece explores the progression of navigational technologies,  channeling current sounds of the bay through historic San Francisco fog horn patterns.

Studio Ju Ju Gardens
Studio Ju Ju Gardens
Navigating the Bay Score
Navigating the Bay Score

This is an example of an installation score. It gives visual clues to the patterns, timing and concepts of the sound and projection installation “Navigating the Bay.”


Power and Ground Scores, San Francisco
Upcoming Presentations, Exhibitions and Installations
Upcoming Presentations, Exhibitions and Installations

It’s a busy fall! Coming off of Champlain Maker Faire and the recent “ZAPPPP! A High Voltage Vermont Makers Meetup,” we are still in full swing this fall. Please join us!

Tech Expo: Vermont Tech Jam
Presenting With: Vermont Makers
Our Contribution: Weather Balloon demo with the Internet of Things and Max/MSP
Where: Champlain Mill, Winooski Vermont
Friday, September 26, 2012
More Information:

Installation: Going to Waterbury: An Art Installation and Closure Ceremony
Our Contribution: Onsite Sound Installation
Where: Vermont State Complex, 4 South, Waterbury, Vermont
When: Saturday, September 27 + 28, 2012
More Information: Facebook Event Page

Conference: Pushing the Envelope: Innovation and the Future of Museums
New England Museum Association Conference
Our Contribution: “Presenting Art in Unconventional Space” A Panel discussion organized by Margaret Tamulonis, with Ken Mills and others
Where: Sheraton Burlington 870 Williston Road
When: Thursday, November 8, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
More Information: Conference information

Exhibition: Audible Observations: Ethonographic Terminalia 2012
Our Contribution: Sound scores and recordings from “Power and Ground”
Where: SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco CA
When: November 16 – 20, 2012
More Information: Site for the Ethnographic Terminalia Collective

Vermont Makers Late Fall Programming 2012:

Program or Be Programmed Douglas Rushkoff
Thursday November 1, 6pm
Miller Center, Champlain College
More Information

You are Not a Gadget,  Jaron Lanier
Thursday December 6, 6pm
Miller Center, Champlain College
More Information


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