Amulet Wear for COVID Times

Amulet /ˈamyələt/
An object worn to fend off evil, injury, harm or disease; protective.

This project started as designing headdresses for a production of Aristophanes’ Clouds. The production is produced by the University of Vermont Classics Department. Originally scheduled for March the performance was postponed and is rescheduled for September 2020.

Many of the shapes in these compositions are inspired by ice crystals, influenced by Dancing Stars and include Greek shapes contributed by Glynis Fawkes. Glynnis designed crowns (not pictured here) for the Cloud Queens and was an influential consultant and collaborator on this project.

During the stay-at-home orders I made amulet masks using leftover pieces from the headdresses. These works are pictured below along with the original headdresses.

Headdress designed for Aristophanes' Clouds by Jenn Karson