True Experience + Time Warp Impossible Journey

In this composition the ambient sounds of the subway are as significant as the more easily identifiable musical sounds, every tone and percussive sound you hear is part of True Experience + Time Warp Impossible Journey. There is crescendo and decrescendo, there are melodies and rhythms.  Sounds travel across a subway platform and sound strikes the bare winter branches of trees.  This composition demonstrates how physical boundaries are broken and betrayed by sound’s ability to transcend barriers of consecutive time and solid structures, its ability to create unique networks of time and space.

Suggestions for creating the best listening environment for this composition:

Many of the composition’s sonic textures will be lost if played through the tiny tinny speaker your computer or mobile device. The best way to listen is through headphones. It can be a challenge to capture the spatial qualities of a sound piece like this one through the rigid environment of computer and and mobile screens. I’d rather play it for you in a gallery space or even through your own sound system in your home, an environment that would allow the sound to travel through a quality speaker, then through space before arriving in your ears.