Interactive Design with the Arduino Microcontroller

I hope you can join me for this Arduino workshop at the College Arts Association Conference this February in NYC.

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Interactive Design with the Arduino Microcontroller
Workshop Leader: Jenn Karson, University of Vermont FabLab
Friday, 02/17/17: 1:30–3:00 PM
Concourse E, Concourse Level

An electronics platform, the Arduino microcontroller is based on relatively easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone (designers, inventors, musicians, educators, artists, makers, architects, scientists and researchers) interested in making interactive projects, prototypes and tools. Design with the Arduino gives one the ability to define inputs and outputs like sensing, light, sound and motion. In this short workshop we’ll explore its founding philosophy and provide hands-on time for building simple circuits and interactions. You do not need any previous experience or knowledge to take this workshop; we encourage everyone who is interested to join the fun!

Required Workshop Materials: Laptop with current operating system. In advance of the workshop, please download Arduino software:

Registration cap: 10

Potential Workshop Specializations: Materials-Art Making Techniques-Studio Practice, Technology and/or Software-Specific Training, Pedagogy-Educational Strategies-Teaching Methodology