Sonic Ephemera. Find #1

In 2010 progress was made in organizing the Studio Ju Ju archives for the “pop” projects Zola Turn, Bad Ju Ju and Salon Pod. In 2011 the formal cataloging will begin.

zola turn poster 1996, burlington vermont
Sub Rosa (Zola Turn) and Wide Wail. Poster for Last Elm Café gig, January 13, 1996

I’ll periodically post these images from the past.

Here is a poster from 1996 for a show that we played with Wide Wail at the Last Elm Café. For about the first six months of our existence, Zola Turn was called Sub Rosa. A few months after this show, we found out that there was a Boston band named Sub Rosa made up of lawyers. We decided it would be best to change our name to something more original, hence Zola Turn.